Window Cleaning

Are you in need of clean and shiny reflective windows? Then get in contact with Concept Cleaning Services, a first-rate clean service with a friendly and reputable service.

Our cost-effective prices come with professional and efficient window cleaners to provide our customers with the best cleaning service. We can window clean various sized properties from Single level homes to 3 storeys, as well as using the latest quality cleaning equipment. The equipment we use includes water-fed pole systems that are used for taller buildings, this product does a complete and clean finish on your property and doesn’t look any different from one of our staff cleaning your tall building by hand. Not only will our service make your property look ten times cleaner but we ensure we follow all of the important safety guidelines and provide our customer's windows with that added shine. Concept Cleaning Services can cater to one-off visits to your property to clean your windows or regular visits if you require this service. 

We have many years of experience in the industry and can offer a range of services. We have a friendly team who are dedicated to providing a friendly and professional environment to our customers. We are Window Cleaners and we believe in giving our customers personal service.


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