Get rid of mold, residue, and dirt build-up with professional ceiling cleaning services in Hamilton

Ceiling cleaning removes soil residues such as smoke, oil, nicotine and cooking vapours from porous and non-porous ceiling and wall surfaces. It breaks down the soil binders without the use of enzymes, detergents, bleaching agents or solvents. It can be applied to all water and colour-fast surfaces. It cleans and restores surfaces that were previously thought difficult or impossible to clean.

Our proven process and premium specialised cleaning products deliver superior results for blemish-free walls and ceilings. No Sticky Soap or Detergent Residues, Removes Years of Soil Build-Up, Environmentally Preferable, No Toxic or Hazardous Butyls, Will Not Bleach or Damage Surfaces, Absolutely Odourless

Hamilton-based  Ceiling Cleaning Services has a long-standing history of providing a wide range of hard-to-reach and at-height cleaning services to the Hamilton community.

In addition to our ceiling and wall cleaning solutions, we offer, carpet cleaning, affordable blind cleaning services, as well as regular home cleaning services. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a clean, professional, and effective service to all our customers. Get in touch today to book your affordable cleaning service


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