The thought of home should make us happy. While the cleanliness and tidiness of our home is a personal choice, there’s plenty of evidence that a clean and organised home has a positive impact on our mood and energy levels.  

Whether the very act of cleaning makes you feel less anxious, or the results make you smile, there’s no doubt that a clean home makes every day brighter.  

Cleaning and Mental Health 

Researchers have found that getting your hands dirty and cleaning can quickly improve a person’s mood. The sense of control over your environment, satisfaction at seeing a job well done, and the repetitive motion of cleaning can all have a calming effect on your mind.  

There Are Physical Benefits to Cleaning Too 

One of the strongest indicators of physical health is cleaning. One study by Indiana University researchers found that the tidiness of a person’s home was the strongest indicator of that individual’s physical fitness.  

The cleanliness of the home proved more telling than even their neighborhood’s walkability score or other variables. Researchers believe that spending 30 minutes a day cleaning served as an effective form of exercise and that those who lived in tidy homes were less affected by seasonal changes in the weather.  

The Relationship Between Clutter and Productivity

A messy, disorganized home can be distracting. For some, it’s enough that they can’t focus on other projects until things have been cleaned up. For others, clutter has a bigger impact on mood. People are less distracted, less anxious, less irritable, and more productive when they’re in a clean and organized room.  

How to Clean Up and Wind Down

Cleaning improves your mental health, that’s a fact, but it’s challenging to prioritize cleaning in your already busy life.  

Use these tips to help: 

  • One Thing at a Time. The most accessible way to clean is in small chunks of time. Build in 5-, 10-, or even 30-minute blocks to focus on a particular cleaning or organisational task. Don’t try to take on more than you should. Do just enough that you feel a sense of accomplishment, not rushed to fit in all your cleaning for the day.  

  • Treat Yourself. Turn 20 minutes of cleaning into 20 minutes of “me” time. Listen to fun music, turn on a TV show while you clean, or tune into a podcast that is calming, informative, or energising to set yourself up for whatever task comes after your tidying session.  

  • Get the Family Involved. Ask your spouse, kids, or even a friend to take on a cleaning task with you. It’s an excellent opportunity to catch up, be active, and make conversations feel more natural. This is an excellent way to get people in your life to open up without the pressure of sitting down face-to-face! 

  • Get Help. If stress, anxiety, or depression are challenges that you face, make cleaning one part of improving your mental health. When it comes to tackling ongoing mental health issues, or if you think you need to talk, reach out to a mental health professional for more tips on how to destress, relax, and enjoy each day more.   

We’re Here to Lend a Hand 

Spend more time doing things you love. In addition to your everyday cleaning tasks, treat yourself to a professional cleaning appointment with Concept Cleaning Services.  

We offer occasional, recurring, and special event home cleaning services that give you more time to do the things you love with the people you care about. Let our professional technicians keep your home clean, organised, and calm. Call (07) 850-1951 or schedule your in-home estimate today. 


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