Waterblasting / Soft wash

Concept Cleaning Services strives to meet the maintenance and cleaning services required by our customers. We specialise in exterior wash services, windows cleaning (inside and outside),

  Over time your driveway can gather moss, weeds, algae and dirt leaving it discoloured and looking old. Our driveway cleaning service uses the latest technology and chemicals to bring it back to life. Using our commercial rotary flat surface cleaner and pressure washer we can easily remove all buildup  of dirt.

 Every patio surface is different which is why we use a range of nozzle jet sizes and flat surface cleaner attachments to the control of water flow to suit the most delicate paving and stubborn stains. Additionally using the correct chemical’s to tackle stains rather than using pressure alone.

If you’re home has a render surface on it can easily gather dirt, grime and discolour from it’s original condition. Our render cleaning uses a soft wash technology which is a combination of specially selected chemicals and a low pressure washing system to ensure only the dirt comes off.

Decked areas look amazing when first installed but over time gather algae, dirt and soon turn slippery and become a danger, especially in wet conditions. When cleaned the right way, your decked area can be restored to it’s original condition. Concept Cleaning has been deck cleaning for over 25 years.


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