Venetian blinds are one of the most popular types of blind available for contemporary homes, even though they have a long history of use in the home and commercial premises of all styles. There’s something distinctive about Venetian window blinds that continues to make them both a popular choice and an attractive one.
The structure of Venetian blinds is a simple one: they are horizontal slats made from either plastic wood or metal and suspended on ladder cords. They can be easily adjusted to let in more or less light, and they’re easy to raise and lower. Beyond that, what else do you need to know about Venetian blinds?

– Suitable for any size of window

– Easy to operate

– Easy to clean

– Allow privacy and light control

– Affordable option

– Available in a variety of finishes to provide customer choice

– Can be made to measure

How Often Should I Clean My Blinds?
Again, when you’re thinking about how to clean blinds and how often to clean them, it very much depends on the type of cleaning you’re doing. Keep blinds dust-free, especially blinds with slats that can easily acquire dust and passing grime. So, dusting them regularly to ensure lingering dust doesn’t become a bigger issue is important. A good pattern would be to dust them once a month or so, more often during periods when the dust is circulating more such as summer when the windows are open.
As for how often you should deep clean your blinds, the accepted wisdom is not to leave them for more than a year to take them down and clean them thoroughly. Though, if feel there’s an urgent need to clean them properly between times due to sticky fingers or a spillage, bump your timetable up a little.

The fabric should be regularly dusted/vacuumed as appropriate and may be wet cleaned to remove

Guarantee   3 Years


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